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Pulling off the road, you discover how narrow the lakes are.

Snaking along the depths of Cold Creek Canyon, formed by the convergence of steep, densely wooded pine mountains, they stretch for about 2 miles, reaching 650 feet at their widest.

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Their unique ecosystem keeps the water cool and clear year round, even when Clear Lake is battling algae and other aquatic weeds.

A ban on motorboats helps to keep Blue Lakes pristine, though electric pontoon boats and yachts, kayaks, paddle boats and of course inflatable tubes are popular.

In 1854, Augusta Bates settled in the Scottsville area and sold to Brice M. In 1861, the 13-acre Blue Lake was formed from flooding of the north fork of Mad River, and it gave the town a resort atmosphere.

As the river change courses in the 1920s, the lake disappeared to become what today is a small pond on private property.

Instead of retiring, they bought the empty, boarded-up Lodge at Blue Lakes in 2003 and reopened it a year later, despite having no hotel experience and warnings from other longtime lake resort owners that they would never succeed.

Present Blue Lake comprises "old" Blue Lake, Powersville, and Scottsville.

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Ok I see myself as: Outdoorsy, Adventurous, Imaginative, Patient, Confident, Uninhibited, Humorous, High Strung and Wacky at times.

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If you approach Lake County from the north on Highway 20 — and you should, if winding mountain roads make you twitchy — the first lake you come to is Upper Blue Lake.

The one down fall to all this is that I tend to talk to much.

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