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When the game starts the player chooses a name (although unable to make custom names), sign, and finally, clothing.The purpose of the game is to upgrade your Sim's house, build up relationships with other Sims and live in the life of luxury.

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Family Cyber Alert is another app that's designed to block access to questionable Web sites and to monitor online activity.

If Mom's eyes are always glued to her i Phone or i Pad, then we've got must-have accessories that are as chic and practical as she is.

This game was available for 2G and 3G phones when released in 2006, such as the popular Motorola RAZR.

The game was discontinued following the release of The Sims 3.

You have the option of restricting access times, blocking Web sites, and filtering Internet access by URL keywords.

There is also an option to view Internet usage history.Our broad range of companies offers our associates endless opportunities in different geographies and lines of business.Although I don't have any children of my own, friends routinely ask me whether I know of any good applications to keep their kids safe while online.Here are five parental control applications you might find helpful.K9 Web Protection, from Blue Coat, is a free utility that's designed to regulate the way your Internet connection can be used.One of this program's nicer features is that you can control what happens when someone attempts to access a Web site you have blocked.

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