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A landlord is facing felony charges for trespassing.However, it's what he was caught on camera doing in a couple's bedroom that has the tenant so upset.The DOJ also found that babysitters accounted for about 4% of crimes committed against children less than 6 years old—a rate below that of strangers.

In Northern California, a baby-faced 20-year old babysitter was caught on a hidden camera allegedly suffocating a 13-month-old boy to stop him from crying.

In a 2001 report, the Department of Justice estimated that about 14% of the country’s children under the age of 5 are regularly cared for by a non-related childcare provider.

Estala failed to show up, prompting police to issue a warrant for his arrest, according to the Houston Chronicle.

According to the newspaper, a woman saw Estala urinating on her fence at about a.m. She started filming him with her phone and he eventually "started taking off his clothes" before "having sex with the fence," according to a police report.

Andrea Heming pleaded guilty to contaminating her husband's food after putting boric acid in his cereal, energy drinks and even whipped cream. The man suffered from diarrhea and nose bleeds for months before he realized what was happening.

When questioned by police, Heming admitted to poisoning his food.I would have never though he would do something like this."According to a police affidavit, Houston and the 14-year-old victim started a "casual" relationship at the end of the school year.In Danbury, CT, one nanny was caught on hidden camera burning a child and tossing her to the ground.The woman told police Estala also simulated oral sex on the fence during his act.Police reported that they found Estala "in a drunken stupor," according to the Houston Chronicle.RELATED: Million dollar jewelry heist caught on camera in River Oaks One of those cameras is set up in the bedroom of his apartment at Skyway Condominiums in Colorado Springs."I opened up the camera and kind of had to like quit the program and, like, restart it again because I didn't really believe what I saw," said Pierce.

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