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Williams hotels are the closest to the Grand Canyon without actually staying at the Grand Canyon.

See More About Williams, AZ » When you picture a Las Vegas vacation, you probably imagine staying in one of the mammoth, glittering Las Vegas hotels and resort casinos that line Las Vegas Boulevard roughly between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road, popularly known as "The Strip." Hotels on the 4.2-mile Las Vegas Strip are the most popular places to stay in the City of Sin thanks to the 24-hour "night"life, bigger-than-life themed resorts, five-star dining, glamorous swimming pools and of course, non-stop gaming and entertainment.

I was also asked to pick out a car " I liked" in person when I already chose a price package online before pickup.

I waited about 45 minutes to get out with the car, and had to wait while the car inspector measured a small scratch on the bumper when I returned though I took extreme care of the car on my 48 mile 3-day rental.

Arizona Wineries Why we chose Arizona over Florida... We live in a secure community with 4 golf courses (average cost per round, 75 rounds a year, is around $30, no cart fee).

there a 2 main swimming pools, huge fitness centers, and more activities each day than there is time. How to choose an Arizona realtor Retiring in Arizona... Everyone is different and what is important to us may not be important at all to you.

She deposed retiring porn star Lisa Ann, as the queen of porn. This week, model Lara Stone was another woman who had to deal with online death threats from devout extremists. Terry Richardson shot Nicki Minaj and posted a few pics of her looking patriotic on his personal blog. Nicki, you’re starting the year off looking Don’t know about you but we think it’s fair to say working for the TSA doesn’t rank high on the list of world’s best jobs. go ahead and read this account of Marilyn Manson’s five-times-a-day sex habit, as told by the man himself. For the record, she’s been scoffing at reports she had any work done …

Fun fact: Mia Khalifa only turned pro three months ago. The Lebanese-born Khalifa has endured an onslaught of bullshit and death threats from humorless trolls, not to mention the fact her family no longer speaks with her. They were upset at her because she dared to drape herself around the naked shoulders of Justin Bieber Yeah. In response to Stone getting some sexy time with They sure seem like fun people. It’s probably just ahead of sweeping up elephant shit at the circus and working at a toll-both on the Jersey turnpike. You can learn all about how he prefers to keep his underwear on during sex, at least down around his ankles. even though it seems like her family keeps a plastic-surgeon on speed-dial.

Humphreys or any one of the innumerable hikes in this part of Arizona.

Flagstaff hotels make a great basecamp for anyone wanting to spend a few days exploring.

Our number one driver to retiring in Arizona was the climate, the active lifestyle ,and the low cost of new housing..did I mention that Arizona is healthy.

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