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This document covers: In the past three years, Do D has had a significant backlog of security clearances and reinvestigations pending, most especially for TOP SECRET level access.

In general, expect a CONFIDENTIAL or SECRET clearance to take between 1 and 3 months.

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This is an online review of the costs and procedures for civilians obtaining a U. CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET or TOP SECRET security clearances.

Those with prior military service can get a security clearance far faster than someone from the general public.

of Defense (Do D), or a national security related contract, must bear the cost of security clearances for their employees and clearance investigations can cost several thousands of dollars.

Individuals who betray their employer's trust tend to possess certain personality disorders or personal weaknesses.

In response to the terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001, the FBI established the State and Local Law Enforcement Executives and Elected Officials Security Clearance Initiative.

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