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The training sessions that we offer are an ongoing process for every phase of your life.

We’re going to instill a complete sense of personal value.

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Excellemt material that promotes the development of personhood and proper conduct.

The Dean encourages males to value themselves and be principled in their approach towards other people, as opposed to "malleable", as Auguste Comte would want us to be.

And unfortunately, this was a scenario that has replayed itself multiple times in my dating history.

Desperate for a new outlook on love, I lamented to her: “I just wish that I could hover over other people’s dates to see what's happening.

I was sitting in my therapist’s office complaining about my dating life.

I had just wasted six months of my life obsessing over a man who was giving me the run around.But while I’ve had some great examples of marriages in my life, I fear that I actually learned how to date in high school by watching it was everything I consumed on TV, in magazines, and the way my friends dated.My parents have been married for more than thirty-five years, which is my end goal, but by the time I reached my twenties, a relationship like that seemed so out of reach; I couldn’t make it past two or three months of dating the same guy!This isn't just for single guys; it’s for every man, single, married, engaged, or involved.Ultimately, you will learn a man’s value isn’t placed in his possessions; it’s placed in the man himself.This show isn't about building a good disguise its about developing the courage to take the disguise off and becoming the man!

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