Annoymous chat sex - Rowsource not updating

In a working database, you'd probably hide the first column.

With a value list control, the Column Count property forces additional columns, accordingly.

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But there are complicating factors where Access may not be able to figure it out correctly.

Most times it gets it right if the conditions you met are right.

Then you must use a dynamic range as rowsource in the Initialize procedure.

In the following example we find the number of rows down to the first empty cell and use it as rowsource.

You can populate a Microsoft Access list control with an explicit list of values and generally that list consists of one column, although you can display more.

Creating a multi-column value list control is the easy part — using and updating it takes a bit more effort.

The title's a mouthful, but don't get too hung up on the terminology.

The technique is simple, although not commonly implemented.

By default, the control's bound column is the first column.

In this case, that column contains the values 1 and 2, which represent the descriptive text items, Male and Female, respectively.

Handing over a bit of control, in the right circumstances, can be helpful for everyone, including you.

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