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After ordering our food, I hurriedly went back to the car and got my tripod and camera gear.After asking permission, I was photographing the place and later ate when the food was served. I loved the tenderness of the chicken and the blend of house cheese.

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In no time, after almost reaching the slight descent, a bright signage illuminated a part of the road beside a big house.

There are a few parking slots available behind and outside the gates of the house and I wasn’t expecting much.

In general, a café has a more relaxed atmosphere and a simpler menu than a restaurant.

Restaurants are generally somewhat more formal and tend to focus on full meals.

The casual environment of a café is suitable for meetings and for hanging out.

Cafes generally offer light snacks and desserts along with hot & cold drinks.I hope this list of romantic restaurants is helpful for those visiting Pakistan as well as those romantics living there.If you have your own favorites drop me a line and I’ll add them to my list. That said, it’s seems that Karachi-ites like to have fairly substantial items on cafe menus so the distinction ends up being more about ambience, size and atmosphere. They invariably serve breakfast too because we Karachi-ites love our café breakfasts.Cafés in Karachi tend to introduce extensive breakfast menus or disappear without a trace. Dining halls are fully air-conditioned while snack bar offers a pleasant atmosphere with light music in the background Address: Dr.

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