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The event kicked off with a class for women attendees taught by “Lucia” the author of on Admission to the class was free for women who paid the fee to attend the “Cougar Convention” which included a keynote address from cougar Lucia, a mixer with cougars and potential cubs and the crowning of Miss Cougar California, with a prize that included a free berth on “The World’s First International Cougar Cruise.”The entire event was organized by Rich Gosse, who calls himself the “headmaster” of his Cougar School.

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Renee piane rapid dating

from the University of Southern California School of Medicine and soon after became Chief Resident of Huntington Memorial Hospital.

John Adams graduated from Arizona State University in 1986 and received a Bachelor's of Science degree in business.

“Foolishly they only date older men, not realizing that the best men are younger not older, and available in much larger quantities.”After 30 years of promoting his singles organization, Gosse knows how to hustle the media and how to hit a sweet spot in the growing singles demographic.

There were dozens of journalists at the event, cameras clicking, video cameras humming, notes jotted furiously.

Contact directly: Lisa-Catherine Cohen - Songwriter, Author, Performer Lisa-Catherine Cohen is a consummate and oft-published writer and editor.

She excels at both mechanical and substantive editing. Cohen is a master of the written word across a wide range of genres for industries as diverse as architecture, the film and music Industries, medicine, education, the environment, publishing, journalism, pop culture, and Body/Mind/Spirit-related media.

Phoenix is the home of A Foreign Affair's main headquarters, and is also the current home of John and his family.

Renee is a master at connecting people and the author of Love Mechanics & soon to be released Get Ready for LOVE. in clinical psychology from North Texas State University.

Director of San Francisco’s The Society of Professional Singles creates Cougar-themed events and activities to tap into the latest media obsession.

The press release hit just about every media outlet in Los Angeles: “World’s First Cougar School Aims to Transform Single Women Into Cougars.” I went to check it out on Friday night and lived to tell the tale. How to dress sexy and classy, as well as calling and flirt-texting etiquette.

As the President of Rapid Dating and Rapid for 17 years,she has successfully hooked up thousands of people for Love, friendships, and business connections. His emphasis was in clinical and behavioral Medicine. Phil has written six books that all hit the New York Times Bestseller List, including Life Strategies: Doing What Works, Doing What Matters, and Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner. Phil Foundation, a charity offering help to families at risk.

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