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Gyllenhaal — who's been rumored to be dating co-stars Ruth Wilson and Rachel Mc Adams in recent months — said that he's not in love at the moment, although he wishes he were. Southpaw, confessed that he's been in love three (maybe two) times.While he didn't disclose which relationships they were, he had long-term romances with Dunst and Witherspoon.

When I'm doing an interview when you're up at 5 a.m. Not wanting to add fuel to the fire, the actor joked, "There are dark things that happen on soundtrack. "I'm sure they have so much music on that show playing all the time.

and you can't really make sense of words, you're not thinking about the background music that's playing behind you.""So they aren't they sabotaging you in a sense? It's just one of those things."Stern couldn't help himself, saying, "I feel—and this is me stepping in—you should have married Taylor Swift, and I'll tell you why…What a power couple!

One day earlier, when Gyllenhaal was promoting his movie on , the segment was introduced as Swift's "Bad Blood" played—and Stern found it quite amusing. " he asked."No," 34-year-old Gyllenhaal said with a laugh.

Stern explained that it became "a big deal on social media" Tuesday afternoon. Because you dated her, it was them trying to make some sort of association there. " Gyllenhaal reiterated that he was unaware of the music, saying, "First of all, I did not hear that... But they are defining you with a Taylor Swift song," Stern argued.

So what stopped him from committing when he was in love? "I think I probably just got scared."Stern joked that it must be tough for Gyllenhaal to settle down when there are so many temptations around him on the Hollywood party scene."I think it's hard for everybody, but I also think at some point, you just decide to grow up," he said.

"There are a lot of beautiful women, there are opportunities.

Witherspoon and Phillippe split in 2007 after rumors swirled he had an affair with Australian actress Abby Kornish. "I'm a pretty regular dude," he said of being labeled a "bad boy." "I'm also a pretty dedicated dad and have multiple companies, so there's not a lot of time for me to be a Hollywood bad boy." Phillippe also has a daughter, Kailani, 3, with "Pitch Perfect 2" actress Alexis Knapp.

He is currently dating civil rights lawyer Paulina Slagter.

But I think at the same time, you find the right person... I believe in when you meet somebody who's right, it'll be right, and you'll stay there." actor has no illusions that it works out for everyone.

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