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Did you make sure to tweet about your feelings today?

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I would like my final meal to be one that would stretch over several years, but failing that, I care less what I eat than who I eat it with.

“Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife.” That is the seemingly simple prescription for marriage in Genesis.

And at least once a week I have lunch at Napa Valley Grill. (Whether it be coffee, tea, beer, wine, or other…) [At hotels:] The Peninsula, the Huntley in Santa Monica, and I’ve had some memorable drinks at the Sofitel. Anything you’re particularly good (or bad) at making? And though I don’t really cook, I actually love food shopping. What do you feel is the biggest misconception about Jewish cuisine and/or kosher law? What do you feel is the most exciting thing happening in the local food scene right now? And most restaurants are so accommodating and understanding. But if they can’t find the right Sinatra it would be OK, since that’s the soundtrack in heaven anyway.

I haven’t had meat or chicken for thirty years and never feel deprived. A good red wine, people I love, and in the background — has to be Sinatra, right?

As a vegetarian (who now and then eats fish), I treasure the veggie haunts like Real Food Daily and Native Foods.

What are some of your favorite places to eat around town? Particularly good, no, although I once roasted my two favorite vegetables together—corn and Brussels sprouts—and it was surprisingly unawful. I’m sure if I tried, I could cook many things abominably. It has to be greasy, salty or set up a blockade in your arteries. Any special meals or dishes planned for your Hanukkah celebration(s)? Though I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination, I’m a fan of anyone whose passion and compassion shines through in his or her life’s work. And Rabbi Wolpe (a fellow vegetarian I came to learn) certainly fits that bill. (But I can actually whistle in a way I’ve never met anyone, anywhere, able to duplicate. I counsel people who are dating to pay attention to how their date treats the waiter.Passover is a reminder: No amount of money entitles one to be a jerk. Remember what it is like to be an Egyptian in the Passover story.2. Each year we open the door for Elijah, who in the Jewish tradition is the herald of redemption.But the Egyptians of the Bible also had to make ethical decisions.

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