Pros and cons of dating a pothead

Crusty is Andrew's good friend and ex business partner. Aaron is a modern day renaissance man with a VERY romantic...He shares with us tales of playing pranks on Andrew for years. Lahna is a comedian that is at the very end of an ongoing divorce.Though he is dreamy in nature but he never has his head in clouds and always looks out for the pros and cons of situations.

Pisces man is basically a very impressive and up to mark individual with tender emotions and an intelligent mind.

He has his own dreams and dream world, that he holds dearly.

This week we have a great guest and comedian Sam Tripoli. He talks about how you don't see things for the way they really are until later in life and how that can be a good thing. Had a tough childhood but is still able to find humor in it. Jeffrey shared with us his story of divorce and how his life changed but his love remained the same.

Jeffrey has been around the NYC comedy scene for many years and it was... Christina parents had a nasty divorce that left her dad battling addiction, her mom being a drama queen and Christina losing some teeth. Two time married and two time DIVORCEE Aaron Mathias, screenwriter and actor from @fallingawakefilms (on Instagram) joins Mara and Andrew for an emotional rollercoaster of an episode.

He always binds his lady with his charm and delicate approach.

Sick of it all but too afraid to call it quits for real?

Crusty then talks about his own love life and his own marriage falling apart. She shared with us her story and talked about the fears of joining the single dating world.

We talk about how divorce can be a great motivator to get in great shape and be ready for...

3x divorcee and comedian Mara Marek and fellow comedian Andrew Collin invite a divorcee or a guest who has been negatively affected by divorce to share their story and help them find laughter on the other side.

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