Problems with updating norton internet security online

Restart your computer if you can't connect to that site.Next, launch Norton and click "Live Update" if you use Norton Anti Virus or Norton Internet Security.

Asked for a patch and it would install now it doesn't ask and has failed. Asked for a patch and it would install now it doesn't ask and has failed.

To say I am disappointed with Symantec is an understatement.

I was forced to pay them for the 131 days I will not have their product.

I noticed that Norton charged my Amex $117 yesterday.

For additional support, please visit the I cannot start my Norton product support page on Symantec's website.

I had Norton 360 Premium on my computer to protect against viruses and malware. I ran scans after re-starting, and Norton informed me that my computer was safe.

When I called they told me That I was signed up for auto renew, which I can't remember. Called Norton a million times and problem is never resolved.

When I said I wanted to cancel and get a refund I was told there would be a cancellation fee! When you log on or startup machine the disk access is at 100% until you disable and re-enable Norton. There on solution is to re-install software that fixes nothing. I installed Norton in my laptop and worked well until I restarted the computer. Their instructions were to take the firewall down, which I did. Then the instruction were to uninstall the program, which I did. After talking to four different persons for over an hour and a half, the technical department in essence said that since I uninstalled the program and I did not have internet, it was not their problem to check with the internet company. The wireless connection works on five other devices and my Wi Fi card in the computer identifies the network but it is unable to connect.

If Norton Security Suite is already installed on your PC, it will be automatically upgraded to run on Windows 10.

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