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“Now, you have to include the computer programmer,” said Clemente.He said implementing the scheme was challenging in the early years, but there is no choice for companies but to follow the trend.

Gaurav narrated his side of the story to the Sunday Times of India over phone from Delhi.

He said he is not paid any dating allowance by the company and that his wife is drawing the name of his company chairman Azim Premji just to harass me".

I see enormous energy within the company to power the success of our clients and therefore the success of Wipro," Mr Premji added.

Wipro has announced salary hikes for employees effective June 1, 2017.

Gaurav (32) has been working with Wipro for six years as a technical consultant.

He has taken a temporary transfer to the Gurgaon office, to fight the case, which has been filed by his wife in the Kanpur Magistrate's court.

Domingo, an alumnus of the University of Asia and the Pacific, said ICT is a must nowadays in the production of commercials.

In the past, he said two people — namely the creative director and the copywriter — were the only ones involved in the production.

Wipro saw its net income for the full year decline 4.7 per cent over the previous fiscal year.

For the fourth quarter, its IT services revenue declined marginally over the October-December quarter.

Gaurav alleged that his wife used to hit him and push him when they got into an argument.

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