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About 40,000 Oglala Lakota make their home on 2.8 million acres in southwestern South Dakota, an area larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined. Life expectancy is lower than anywhere in the Western Hemisphere except Haiti.

Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity occur at rates significantly higher than elsewhere.

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Beye asked his family’s friend to design a boathouse for a site on the Yahara River.

Wright’s response was to design his first and only “rowing boathouse.” The plans were crafted in the height of Wright’s Prairie Period (drawn in 1905 concurrent with the construction of Buffalo’s Darwin Martin House and the Larkin Administration Building.) The University did not see merit for a second boathouse and didn’t fund the project, so Wright’s only boathouse design was never actually built.

The most the tribe has ever processed in a year is 60, says Tom “Al” Fast Wolf, the herd manager.

About 25 bulls are sold for sun dances, with the remainder sold to schools or donated.

Prior to 1842, local newspapers are not microfilmed.

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It’s apparent that Wright really liked this design.

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