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The life blood of the ranch is provided by 3 miles of beautiful Pinto Creek which meanders through the property in a southwesterly direction.Over time, the water of Pinto Creek has shaped the landscape creating a unique flavor of diversity, both reminiscent of South Texas and the Hill Country, and provides breathtaking views and towering rock bluffs.

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“It humbles me to be involved with what other people are going through,” she says.

No one expected things to come to that when a leak opened in a 60-year-old well on October 23.

I did my first scene that was a solo scene at the Fetishcon in Tampa.

It was slaves, S&M, and those guys wanted to shoot a solo masturbation, so my agent booked me for it.

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Finn & Porter gives surf and turf a contemporary twist.

Of the 254 counties in Texas, Henderson County had the most land and farms for sale.

The 11889 acre Dos Angeles Ranch is located just 12 miles Southwest of Bracketville, Texas in Kinney County.

My neighbor was in the industry and she had just started about the same time as I did.

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