Poem dating myself

For more than 30 years, she has been writing poetry about love, and sex, and abuse, and childbirth, and death.

She has been writing not just about the emotions that go with these things, but about blood, and sweat, and semen, and how you can, for example, be trying to breastfeed your baby, and then lie on the bathroom floor in the dark, with your "bared chest against the icy tile", and slip your hand between your legs and ride "hard, against the hard floor".

You can't be human and read these poems and not sometimes hear yourself gasp.

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Pansexual, that's what i feel, At least some of you now understand, No, we didn't steal, Instead we took a stand.

Myself, More people are understanding, Myself, They realise it's not the same, that's truly outstanding.

I love turning up the music in my house as loud as I want, and with an intoxicating sway in my hips I lick the delicious spices from my fingers while I cook—smiling simply because I am happy.

I don’t need someone to take me out and spend money on me to make me feel loved and until a man comes along who will be content watching me dance barefoot in the kitchen while I cook for us, I’m happy living a life I love.

As true as this is though, I would welcome a man coming in and turning my world upside down and telling me once and for all how it was going to be played.

But no one is doing that right now, so rather than just wait around for a date, I’m going to live it up instead.

Following the gnomic "Hávamál proper" follows the Rúnatal, an account of how Odin won the runes, and the Ljóðatal, a list of magic chants or spells.

The only surviving source for Hávamál is the 13th century Codex Regius.

Von See (1981) identifies direct influence of the Disticha Catonis on the Gestaþáttr, suggesting that also this part is a product of the high medieval period and casting doubt on the "unadulterated Germanic character" of the poem claimed by earlier commentators.

To the gnomic core of the poem, other fragments and poems dealing with wisdom and proverbs accreted over time.

Me and my amazing gf have been together for 5 months now and... My post about a drawing based on the lesbian sexuality flag got a lot of love, kind comments and even a feature!

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