Places in islamabad for dating

You will see printed on most menus a statement similar to “liquor available for non-Muslim foreigners.” Even if you are from a different country, if you are a Muslim, you may not be allowed to order an alcoholic drink.

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The guy who sat next to me asked me to drive to the Kohsar Police Station, where he said they would lock us up.

According to them, I had committed an immoral crime by standing next to a girl in a dark place.

For lovers, it’s a place to hold hands, gaze at sunsets or pointlessly meander through the forest talking about nothing.

And for all those who live in cramped flats in F-10 or with families in G-9, it’s a place where the kids can run without setting off reverberations in everyone’s heads.

If you want an alcoholic drink and are legally able to purchase one, the best place to start is your hotel.

The Islamabad Marriott is one of the better offerings, as not only does it sell liquor, but it also plays live music. Due to the fewer number of locations selling alcohol and the difficulty of importing it, you’ll end up paying a significant markup.

Nightlife in Islamabad can prove rather interesting.

Before you dress up and ready yourself for a night on the town, you need to consider a few things though.

However, for the casual tourists and newbies to Islamabad, Pir Sohawa is the restaurant Monal.

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