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On the other hand, when a woman acknowledges him for all the things he’s doing well, he will almost certainly want to deepen the relationship and stay in it. We’re supposed to be emotional robots with no feelings or desires and just accept anything a guy is doing without complaint? You create a relationship with those qualities by inspiring those things within the relationship.

The problem with neediness is that instead of inspiring all of those positive relationship qualities, the “needy person” acts as if their partner is denying them those good relationship qualities…

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This month we begin a four part series that highlights Craigslist scams and how to avoid them.

We've got a great program to help active duty military and veterans avoid becoming victims of scammers and finally we've got some great tips and an online resource to help make finding a trusted repair shop for your car a simple fix.

Bodybuilders do cardio training such as running and using a Stair Master Step Mill to burn fat and make their muscles more visible.

Lovingly collected and presented by Phil's good friend Robin Eastburn, the Phil Keaggy Lyric Archive finally makes available the lyrics for nearly every song Phil has written, including some not readily available (you know, that song you heard at a concert that you can't find on CD! Many of the songs appear both on Phil's albums and on his instructional video, and these performances differ in several places.

In addition to the music, each song is prefaced by a black-and-white photo of Phil, his comments on the origin of the song, and some playing tips.

The transcriptions reflect mixtures of these performances; in some places the transcribers have provided music for both the studio and video performances.

The Phil Keaggy Club will happily take phone and web orders for the book.

The price is .95; Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

If you order the book as a result of your visit here, please let them know you heard about it at recording.

It's available for .95; you should be able to order it from your favorite Christian bookstore.

magazine published an article on Phil in their May 1986 issue.

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