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In order to see the data open Performance Monitor (part of Computer Management console accessible from Administrative Tools section of your Windows Control Panel).

Then click Add (Ctrl N) and find "Castle Windsor" section.

This is the piece every set of instructions was missing.)3.

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Performance counter not updating

Try to see your performance counters (step #4 below).

Then you may or may not need to rebuild your performance counters (see reference #1).

Their application is a Silverlight front-end that talks to a number of WCF Services.

The focus for the load tests have been been primarily the WCF services and the server-side code.

For the first few days, we tried to look at how many service calls and see how many simultaneous operations they were handling and how quickly each operation completed.

You can basically figure this out by watching response times on the [Service Operation] methods but, in our case, once we started finding some performance issues, this data was not detailed enough.

Windsor 3 introduces support for Windows performance counters.

Currently Windsor publishes just one counter - "Objects tracked by release policy", which shows you the total number of objects tracked by release policy of given container.

The Problem: When load testing a running application, it’s not always possible to know exactly what’s going on in an application simply by profiling the public endpoints.

The Solution: Rather than indirectly guess at what’s going on, you can create custom Performance Counters that will provide detail about what’s happening in the application.

Each of them comes from separate instance of the same application.

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