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I have just started my first sexual love affair and seek your advice.

So far, I have only had sex with my man in the daytime, as I fear sex in the dark in bed without my hearing aids in.

“Because I’d waited so long for it.” But her boyfriend Owen, who was with her when they switched the device on, wasn’t so sure. In the past few years, implants have become increasingly sophisticated.

It made me think if the non-disabled have ideas of all the myths that prevents them from dating us, hence the blog on busting the myths! (Apologies for the rude content a bit further down…) MYTH 1 WOAH!

I have sat through many of my dates and can count on one hand when it has been awkward.

There are also homeopathic and natural and dietary remedies that can help.

Your hearing aids can actually help with tinnitus as well as balance.

Suddenly, thousands of people who thought they would spend their whole lives deaf are contemplating a very different future.

“It’s important it’s not just children,” says Suzanne Harrigan, a speech therapist for The Ear Foundation, a group for cochlear implant patients.

In my experience dating someone with hearing loss comes with a slew of personal politics.

I have very strong views and [opinions] relating to my [hearing loss] that we would clash in terms of view points.

Sitting on a sofa in her home in Huntingdon, Laura becomes emotional as she recalls the moment she heard Owen for the first time. What’s more, research had shown that the adult brain found it more difficult to adapt to the “hearing world” than that of a child, so didn’t benefit as much from an implant.

Then the audiologist flicked a switch and voices gradually began to fill her ears. Adults who had been deaf all their lives were not considered suitable, first because they had learnt to manage their disability, and second because they were able to communicate quite proficiently using sign language and lip reading.

I prepare guys before the date so they know what they are expecting. FACT Please don’t view deaf people very different from you.

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