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Malaysia asserts that Pedra Branca was not terra nullius. Singapore has shown that Johor never had title to Pedra Branca. Malaysia has not produced even one iota of evidence which attributed Pedra Branca to Johor or which showed any sovereign activities by Johor on the island.

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If Johor indeed had original title, one might ask: why is it that Johor did not seek to issue a formal grant for the lighthouse on Pedra Branca when it consciously made a point of doing so for Pulau Pisang in 1900?

If Johor had original title, why are there no Malaysian records attributing Pedra Branca to Johor?

President and Members of the Court, over these past four days, you have heard my colleagues on the Singapore team explain Singapore's case in detail.

Yet, not a single document could be found and adduced before this Court which attributed Pedra Branca to Johor. Malaysia's claim is also contradicted by her own subsequent conduct.

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