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But her work (and the acclaim that’s come along with it) has somehow never made her a Movie Star.That’s usually reserved for actors we can label, understand and consume, confident in exactly what we’ll get.Easy to guess that Photokina is the best spot to announce that new High End camera.

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The GH5 will have those specs: I don’t think the GH5 will have the new “organic sensor”. And 8K will find his way in a future GH6 model in 2018-2019.

at 8K every single frame has 33MP resolution: Whenever you go for a shopping just click on those links and buy whatever you want and I will get a small commission for it without you having to pay one single penny extra: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, Focus Camera, e Bay.

And that’s fine – sometimes you buy a jelly donut because you want a jelly donut – but Hunter’s CV is a reminder of how much we stand to lose if an actor buys into any one idea of her abilities or niche as an artist.

Born on a farm in Conyers, Georgia (which might partially account for the voice we’d listen to even if the screen went blank), Hunter earned a drama degree at Carnegie Mellon before moving to New York, and later to Los Angeles.

This is the best way to experience Off Camera- When you get the app, you can instantly subscribe to Off Camera, or buy single issues a la carte.

The Off Camera app is a beautifully designed hybrid magazine with the entire television version of Off Camera contained within it, available for any tablet or mobile device.

Panasonic will announced a 6K mirrorless system camera during fiscal year 2016.

This means it will be announced within now and March 2017.

With this technology, amateur photographers use their personal computers to improve the brightness, scene contrast, detail, and overall sharpness of images with increased ease.

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