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As well as meeting all your dates one to one, for a get to know each other chat, there is also time for you to mingle with the other participants over a sociable drink at the bar.You simply hand in a note of all those you’ve met on the evening who you might like to meet again and leave it to us to check the results.He was held in custody and was to appear in court Tuesday. with a knife, and made the clerk hand over money and cigarettes. Police arrived and located a suspect at about p.m. She was held in custody and was to appear in court Tuesday.

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For victims of romance fraud, the cost is emotional as well as financial as they feel devastated at the shattering of an illusion after forming a bond with someone they thought had genuine feelings for them.“People who are taken in by romance fraud are usually the most vulnerable and badly affected victims of fraud.“Many of these people are lonely and desperate for romance and companionship, only to find themselves completely fleeced.“Not only can they have lost thousands of pounds, they are totally devastated by the complete breakdown of trust.“Some of them are strung along and wooed for a year or more by someone who is effectively grooming them.“Sometimes, these people feel like they are in love and it can get very personal.“They are building up this expectation of meeting this person of their dreams.“Dating fraud is about pulling on the emotional heartstrings.“It does not matter what profession you are in or what stage of life you are at, you can become a victim of dating fraud.“We see people from all walks of life.

We recently saw a female solicitor who was scammed through dating fraud, but we have also seen people who are unemployed.“The one thing they all have in common is that they are looking for love or companionship.“The victims can be at a vulnerable stage of their life and may have recently been through a divorce or been widowed or just not had a serious relationship before.

Aimed at people from a professional or business background local to Peterborough, we offer a great evening out meeting other local singles in an attractive and safe environment.

Our hosts are highly experienced and professional so they know how to put everyone attending at their ease and they’ll ensure that everyone has a good evening.

Are you currently unattached and would you like to broaden your social circle, have some fun dates or perhaps find the right one for a potential long term relationship?

If any of these scenarios apply to you then why not come along to one of our quality singles Speed Dating events held here in Peterborough.

The total loss for dating fraud for this period was £34,403,350.03The average loss was £11,002.03The previous year, between April 2015 and March 2016, Action Fraud received 2,561 reports of dating fraud.

The total loss for this timeframe was £25,849,224.11The average loss was £10,483.88.

Kelly Applegath, 25, of Mc Donnel St., was also arrested and charged with charged with two counts of robbery using a firearm, forcible confinement, disguise with intent, two counts of conspiracy to commit an indictable offence and uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm. Arrested at police HQ A man went to the city police station Monday night and allegedly said he intended to photograph police officers' personal vehicles and post the photos online.

After he was cautioned against doing this, he was allegedly seen in the parking lot taking photos of officers' vehicles.

Det Ch Insp Fyfe says while fraudsters will often meet their targets on an online dating forum, they will soon take communications to a more private forum.

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