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My date ideas can't possibly be scaring them away, I often suggest dancing, bowling, boating, or anything other than the cliche dinner & movie.At first I thought maybe it was just POF but I have setup profiles on two other free dating sites only to have the exact same thing happen on both of them as well. FIRST- Most likely about half of those "pretty" women online that you attempt to date or "cyber" with are actually immature males with fake pics and nothing better to do than annoy other males...

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He didn't e-mail me back until the following day in the evening, saying that he had just gotten the e-mail and asking if we could do it some other time. I haven't e-mailed him back (it's been 5 days), and I notice that he doesn't check out my profile or anything anymore.

Despite his flaky behavior, I still think about him and wonder what he's all about. Why would someone act so interested and then totally flake out?

But for some reason I completely fail to comprehend, when I send that second or third message to arrange a date usually the girl will flake out and not reply.

A couple of occasions the girl would agree and then text me the day of the date and say she can't make it.

I am as honest as possible on my ok Cupid profile and have lots of clear and recent (from this month or last month) photos, both of my face, half body and full body.

They are not glamour shots or anything, they are very honest representations of how i look, hanging out with friends, on vacation etc.

Sometimes I don’t either and its clear there is no chemistry but I feel like its more them that are rejecting me.

Sometimes I get messages and when I respond they don’t respond back!

I joined an online dating site for the first time ever a little over a week ago.

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