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"When you ask how much of that is really me, I'm a competitive woman, I'm an outgoing woman, a charismatic woman," Omarosa said in an interview with the NNPA News Service."There are so many facets to my life that this show introduces another facet of who I am to audiences." The former political consultant-turned-reality star walks a thin line between reality and "reality".

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I taped it before I went into seminary school, that’s why I’m getting so much backlash from people.

I made a vow of celibacy and now [when people see me on] TV and I’m in a hot tub, it may be a bit confusing.

is different because it tells the story of black love and does so unapologetically, and very authentically.

We’re not giving out roses or writing poetry and doing all that fru fru stuff we’re taking a very serious approach to dating.

And then there are people you meet, where you go ‘Wow, he’s interesting I’d like to know more about that guy.’ One of the guys on my show actually served some hard time in prison.

I didn’t know that but I was immediately drawn to him and instantly intrigued by him.

Those aren’t discussion we’ve had in mainstream America.

I’m talking about some real deal conversations on my show.chemistry.

Black courting, African American dating is significantly different than some of the other cultural dating norms.

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