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You could set up the RPC service with multiple instances servicing the same RPC request while the RPC client takes the first response.

In this scenario, when one RPC service goes down, the other can take over all the requests.

Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. I can manipulate todos from the remote service through my API as a proxy via GET/POST/PUT/DELETE /todo_services/abc123/, etc.

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SAPinsider BI 2017 speaker Tammy Powlas answered user questions on what the future holds for SAP BI solutions and how you can best leverage new BI tools.

Tammy took questions on upgrades, when to integrate BW with BI, and more, including: Tammy will be presenting 4 sessions at BI 2017, including a case study session "Top 10 ways Fairfax Water squeezes value from its SAP Business Objects BI and analytics investments." You can view the chat replay or read the edited transcript below.

The bi-directional link is not useful in our case Easier to implement because, unlike the Web Sockets, SSE does not need to define a message exchange protocol (on Open, on Message, …)SSE being based on HTTP, it is more compliant with various elements of existing IT infrastructure (load balancers, firewalls, …)However, during the development, we encountered several problems related to the use of SSE: Unable to add specific headers with Javascript SSE librairies Unable to detect the disconnection of a client before trying to send data In order to route the requests to the Information System, the proxy must be able to forward the headers of the requests (port number, OAuth authentication, …).

In addition, to secure the transactions going through the proxy, we will setup an authentication mechanism based on security tokens that will also be routed to the Proxy.

I thought that sockets would work in a similar way in both Perl and Java, but either I am missing something, or they don't...? Thanks, sonofason Rather than ithreads, consider an event system like POE.

You can attach events to "line ready to read", and when the event triggers, you're the only one running so you can access your shared data easily without having to "lock" or "block".

jesuashok: Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier that I am working under Windows.

Apparently, doing non-blocking socket IO under Windows is a little problematic, as discussed here.

When a client is connected to the server via SSE, the server is not notified if the client disconnects.

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