Nj dating violence bill

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A.1211 is unnecessary and is being driven as part of a nationwide campaign by anti-gun groups to remove due process when making an individual surrender their constitutional rights.

In addition to federal law, New Jersey has some of the toughest domestic violence laws in the country with respect to firearms.

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On Monday, April 4, the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee advanced a pair of anti-gun bills on a 6-3 party line vote.

Andrea Strony's story about the domestic violence she endured inspired a bill that upgrades the penalties for domestic violence crimes.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23rd District), Assemblyman Ronald Dancer (R-12th District) and Assemblywoman Maria Rodriquez-Gregg (R-8th District), advanced Monday in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Peterson, whose district includes parts of Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren counties, said Strony, of Lebanon, told him her story of domestic violence and how the perpetrator received only a small fine because of a shortcoming in New Jersey domestic violence laws.

Strony testified at the committee hearing to support the bill.

From letter writing campaigns to media outreach and visits to the state capital and Capitol Hill, our members work to further the issues and causes that are integral to NJSFWC’s mission of community improvement. is a statement of policy or position on a single issue, and should, therefore, only address one issue. Each fact is listed separately beginning with WHEREAS and ending with a semi-colon.

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