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If you have no idea what a chatbot is, you’re far from alone.

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Facebook has occasionally had an aggressive relationship with the platforms that it exists on – it has been gradually becoming the internet itself for many people, and it has been argued that the company is gradually eating the entire web.

The company was rumoured to be launching its own phone some time ago but has since concentrated on extending its reach onto those made by other companies.

But then came Do Not Pay, a chatbot launched by an 18-year-old to help people fight parking tickets, and suddenly all the world’s media, it seemed, were writing about robot lawyers.

Suddenly, it seems, new law-related chatbots are springing up regularly.

But Facebook believes that the future will yield deeper and deeper integrations between the chatbots and the sensors and data on your phone. More and more kinds of messages and information that you can exchange,” says Austin Bales, product-design manager at Facebook.

Moreover, the natural language AI will get better, as bots hoover up more and more data about the things people say and the questions they ask.

Most legal chatbots are designed to help consumers, but now some are emerging to make legal professionals’ lives easier.

A chatbot is a computer program that interacts with the user by simulating a conversation or dialog.

Eventually that same relationship might extend to the Facebook app itself.

The company has been gradually moving out of relying on the app – instead “unbundling” its features into their own devoted apps such as Messenger and recent acquisitions Whats App and virtual reality firm Oculus.

At the moment, that vision still feels a long way off: those apps are now available within Messenger, but mostly offer multiple choice questions.

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