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My recommendations for backup software are Super Duper, which I bought a couple of years ago, or the excellent donation-ware Carbon Copy Cloner.

If you intend to use Carbon Copy Cloner with Snow Leopard make sure you have the latest V3.3 beta 5, as I had major problems with version 3.2.1.

I did a fair bit of research at the time and the cost of getting the faster CPUs plus the risk of damaging said CPUs just didn't weigh up for me...

I sold it and bought an i Mac and took it apart and put in better HDs, extra RAM etc..Logic wasn't utilizing the extra cores for the most part anyway, so the faster quad had way more processing than the stock Mac Pro 8-core; and looked like it wasn't going to be far behind the CPUs I had in mind either, managed to get a refurb for way under the mark as it had a big dent on the back, win win..those new Mac Pros are way too expensive, and they screw you on the internal drive upgrade; 256GBs stock, I mean WTF...

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If you had a listing which was for an active service, you will need to resubmit it - please do so at your leisure. Anyone upgraded their 2009/2010 CPU to the a 12 core 3.4ghz?

With internationally accepted standards, Netka View Network Manager solution was developed specifically for Carrier-Grade network providers and is capable of managing a network on the international gateway provider level.

Netka View Network Manager is for multi vendor IP devices e.g.Superduper version 2.6.1 is described as compatible with Snow Leopard, my testing has shown no problems so far. I used a separate hard drive for my Snow Leopard install, and the first part is done from my existing 10.5.8 installation.There’s a great 10.6 Generic Retail Guide at Insanelymac that lists three methods of installing Snow Leopard on non Apple hardware: It’s worth explaining a little about booting Mac OS on a hackintosh.Looking in Device Manager, I do see the Thunderbolt device active when the Node is connected and there’s no Code 12 for it, but there is a Code 12 for a different PCI-to PCI bridge/switch (IIRC, it said PCI Slot 2, PCI Bus 21. I tried disabling the PCI devices from the Thunderbolt device up and then re-enabling them to get it remapped, but that didn’t make any difference.Has anyone else been able to get this to work consistently with the n MP and AKi Ti O Node?I know the EULA doesn’t allow for installation on non Apple hardware, but I paid my £39 so I’m as legit as is currently possible.

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