Molly hinch dating

In January 2014, Hinch was found in contempt of court and served a 50-day prison sentence.

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Anita Rani was also a guest on Sunday Brunch, and questioned the fact he's currently trying to get a date on Celebs Go Dating.

But Joey continued: "I'm the cooker, and they can be the cleaner.

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One said: "It baffles me that TV shows like #Sunday Brunch want people like Joey Essex on.

He encourages stupidity and ignorance and sexism." Another angry viewer added: "Oh dear.

The cleaner-upper." Anita, who was sat with female Olympic gold medalists Maddie Hinch and Alex Danson then proceeded to imitate someone digging themselves a hole.

And it wasn't just the former Strictly Come Dancing star who was left unimpressed, as Sunday Brunch viewers took to Twitter in their droves to blast Joey's "sexist" remark.

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