Married military spouses dating services

Honestly, when was the last time you saw a man or woman in military uniform with a beer belly?

Attraction is not much of an issue with our military members!

Add into that the fact that the soldier or spouse may not meet residency requirements in the state they're filing in, and it all becomes even more difficult.

When an individual obtains a security clearance, the government is making a decision to allow that person access to classified information.

While access is granted to a single individual, a spouse or partner is quite intimately involved in the process, from being included on your SF-86 background investigation paperwork, to being interviewed, to – in some cases – tanking your chances of obtaining a clearance at all.

These guidelines often do not match the state guidelines, and judge's decision overrules the military guidelines. These are our soldiers, and they put their lives on the line for us. Navigating a divorce when Mom or Dad is half a world away on a regular basis is more than enough to have to deal with. According to Amy Himmelberg in her AP article, "Deployments Cause Unique Challenges For Divorce", they're working on that.

A model Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act was introduced in July 2012, and as of now has been enacted in two states and adopted in five others.

Thanks God my brother has been out of the Marine Corps for more than 11 years. In term of cheating, well, my brother was never stationed in one place for more than 3 months to establish a relationship with a woman to begin with.

When he received the first order of his first mission, he was given 75% success rate which means in a special operation unit of 8 (my brother being one of them), there would be 2 casualties.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Obviously the less time one serves, the easier it will be to adapt.

I've dated an Infantryman and he didn't cheat on me. The IT dude didn't cheated because he was in the military; he cheated because he didn't know how to keep his zipper zipped up.

It only stands to reason that if it's hard to keep a marriage going through all those unique challenges, it's equally hard to divorce and co-parent through them as well.

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