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* दिवसा कधीच सेक्स करू नये, जास्तीत जास्त रात्री सेक्सचा आनंद घ्यावा.

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* सेक्स करताना त्यात जास्तीत जास्त आनंद मिळावा यासाठी मध्यरात्री सेक्स करणं कधीही हितकारक आहे. * तसंच झोपण्यापूर्वी कधीही दूध पिऊ नये, जर का दूध घ्यायचंच असल्यास झोपण्यापूर्वी एक तास आधी घेणं उत्तम.

* स्त्रियांची जेव्हा मासिक पाळी सुरू असेल तेव्हा कधीही शारीरिक संभोग करू नये.

Find out the top 3 positions and find out 4 bonus tips to keep in mind when having intercourse.

There are many discussions about conceiving and which positions for intercourse are best.

Many people believe that the sexual position does not have any influence on the ability to conceive.

Naturally, a woman can get pregnant by having intercourse in any position, or almost any position.

Total population of Maharashtra as per 2011 census is 112,374,333 of which male and female are 58,243,056 and 54,131,277 respectively.

In 2001, total population was 96,878,627 in which males were 50,400,596 while females were 46,478,031.

It is a very easy position to adopt, with the man on top, it is comfortable and it allows excellent face-to-face and body contact.

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