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The authors estimate the consumption increases implied by full implementation of such mandates in the seven countries/regions with the highest biofuel consumption, suggesting a 43% increase in first-generation biofuel consumption in 2025 over current levels.

This market has grown significantly in the last few years in many regions across the globe.

The Healthcare Transportation Services Market is very essential for efficiency in the healthcare facilities and it is expected to have high demand during 2016-2021.

However, if there is an exception (i.e., a real emergency as defined under the Act), MOT can only be used as a last resort and after other steps have been taken.

The employer must exhaust reasonable efforts to obtain other staffing before mandating overtime.

Electronic invoicing used to be a B2B topic while B2G (business-to-government) was hardly mentioned.

Over recent years, this has shifted drastically to the extent B2G electronic invoicing is catching most of the attention and investment in many countries.

Healthcare Transportation Services provides the safe and timely transfer of patients, medical equipment, test specimen and medicines from one location to another.

The use of HTS vehicles is escalating the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Starting July 1, 2009, nurses and other direct caregivers will no longer be forced to work beyond their scheduled shift, except in cases of real emergencies.

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