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I can live without them no doubt about it, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy my reality shows and HBO/Showtimes to catch some of my favorite series.Shows like Game of Thrones, Homeland, True Detective, The Leftovers, and more recently Ray Donovan. -Confused at Cornell Be not afraid, you confused yet lucky lady, you. First, I’m going to tell you why this guy sounds like a possible winner – you’re welcome, dude at Cornell – then I’ll tell you the moves to take in this situation, as well as any similar situation, that your guy will appreciate.

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I don’t mean to say you’re consciously guilty of such a dastardly deed, not by any stretch.

However, if you spend too much time playing “He loves me, he loves me not,” and wondering whether or not to call him back, he might think you’re toying with him a little.

I would be interested in seeing him again and maybe dating him. We had a good convo, it wasn’t like just a hook-up, but I can’t tell whether he’s looking to date me or just hook up with me or what. This move may seem strange and unladylike to you at first, but there’s something I urgently need to tell you and all other newly enlightened readers of this column.

From the abundance of question marks in your question, it seems like you can be a bit of a worrier. He is probably worrying about the exact same things you are, i.e., whether you’re interested, what you should name your kids, etc.

Ever wonder what guys think, how to deal with them, or whether instead of listening to you they just imagine you naked? Last weekend I met this guy at a bar and we were really drunk, went back to his apartment, hooked up (but didn’t have sex) and I stayed over. That’s totally cool – I once brought a restaurant hostess flowers and chocolate when she said, “Come back and see us anytime.” One thing that always helps me is to look at the facts: Ideally, he would text you back again, after a shorter delay than last time. Or he might have done the truly classy thing and sent you his next message via post, in which case it will arrive on your stoop in a couple weeks.

Our Real Live College Guy Joe will answer all your questions about college men and relationships with wit, clarity, grace, and physical attractiveness (can you tell he wrote this intro himself? Then he texted me this week, and on Thursday night we went and got a drink at a bar, then went back to his apartment, hooked up (but didn’t have sex) and I stayed over. If he hasn’t holla’d at you for a couple days, text him yourself.So just like with our cell phones last month, and car insurance and home phone service this month, we set out to tackle the TV portion of this outrageous bill all in the spirit of challenging everything. Well, I’ll let my wife answer that part: That’s reason #1 :) Obviously outside of my control, unless I fancy myself a divorce.Reason #2 is that I too enjoy a handful of the offerings TV and premium channels serve up. Last article we went over how to get home phone service for practically free by using Ooma, and this time around we’re tackling the heated Cable/TV part of the telecom trifecta. It’s large, paid off, 10 years old and absolutely beautiful.And just like with our home phone line, I unfortunately screwed myself multiple ways in this department too – one of which out of frugality itself! Except when it’s not and your hacking attempts go to $hit.I'm very sexual, so I'd want to know that sex was a good possibility. I wouldn't say "wife," because I'm not looking to get married. Looking for a wife seems like jumping way way too far into the future and not focusing on the present and finding happiness in current friendships and relationships.

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