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A big Congratulations to Jillian Murray and Dean Geyer. After six years of dating, finally, Dean Geyer got the love of his life, Jillian Murray. The African-born singer proposed her long-term girlfriend Murray and she said yes.

Recently, the Lovebirds got engaged and are planning to get married soon. Geyer took the social media to share his excitement.

They are just so cute together – this is great news!

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They have released an EP of songs, titled "Write You Off", "Green Eyes Make Me Blue", and "Criminal Heart".

Lisa Marie Origliasso was born in Queensland, Australia to Joseph and Colleen Origliasso.

The 30-year-old and his fiancé were seen attending E!

's exclusive event for The Arrangement, an upcoming American television series for the entertainment network on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

So, he changed his plan and change the location for the proposal.

I can almost hear the hearts of teenage girls around the country breaking.

Born and raised in Albany Creek, Queensland she, alongside twin sister Jessica Origliasso, performed in show business at a young age.

Origliasso rose to fame in the 2000s when she and her sister formed the pop duo the Veronicas. In late 2011 Origliasso started a group called the Dead Cool Dropouts with Tyler Bryant, mostly done using Garage Band on a Macintosh computer.

Dean Geyer has announced his engagement to one half of the Veronicas, Lisa Origliasso. “Dean Geyer and Lisa Origliasso, together with their families, are delighted to announce they are engaged,” the statement said.

“The couple have been together since April 2007 and are thrilled to share their news.” The pair met at the 2006 ARIA Awards and have been inseparable ever since.

Lisa is the youngest child, being slightly younger than her twin sister Jessica who was born one minute before her.

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