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On the topic of the characters the one that really stood out for me performance wise was the character of Homer, Actor Deniz Akdeniz handles his character really well being as charismatic and witty and probably has the second most character development out of all the characters next to Ellie.

To be fair though this is the first in a series of books so there is defiantly room for improvement if the next movie comes out.

And as for everyone's favourite character Daryl Dixon, actor Norman Reedus revealed that the normally reclusive lone wolf has finally found a home in Alexandia, where he has a purpose and a job, but added that his place within the community would be tested this season.

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Describe your high school English teacher in three words... It paints a pretty damning portrait of his bizarre life and inappropriate behaviour. Patrick Bateman from ‘American Psycho’ by Bret Easton Ellis.

He was an amazing performer but a very damaged individual. I have an assortment of bookmarks on my bedside table. It has a section dedicated entirely to books about Los Angeles, and is a great place to see celebrities. Later in the week Kathy will be back to tell us more about her novel but in the meantime, how about winning a copy of Hollywood Ending?

It’s a short, devastating read that takes no prisoners. Randy Taraborrelli and it really challenged my perception of who Michael Jackson was.

I also devoured Stephen King novels (like most teens), and my favorites were ‘Carrie’ and ‘Pet Sematary’. I have to say that after reading this book I feel less sympathy for Michael Jackson than I used to.

I guess it's our way of telling us that things matter. Unfortunately what drags the film is its script, the dialogue is extremely corny and clichéd, and the bulk of the characters are blatant stereotypes and this is apparent with the way the characters are introduced, in fact I can go though each of them right now, Ellie - Farmer's Daughter, Corrie - the lead's best friend, Kevin - The coward, Homer - The rebellious bad boy, Fiona - the pampered city girl, Robyn - The upstanding religious girl, Chris - The stoner, and the biggest stereotype of them all Lee - The Asian, don't believe me about the Asian?

let me give you his character background: He's an expert piano player, his parents own a Chinese restaurant, he moves swiftly like a ninja as evident when he's climbing down a mountain, he stops a fast moving snake with a stick in one strike, he speaks one or two proverbs I mean I was half expecting him to bust out some Kung Fu with the way the filmmakers were treating his character thank god they didn't go that far.

There, in a lilting Irish accent, he orders a pint of Guinness, which he drinks alone on a barstool while studiously avoiding eye contact with his well-heeled fellow guests.

This is Daniel Day-Lewis, who was this week being hailed as the greatest actor on the planet.

During their trip, they see military aircraft fly overhead.

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