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Choosing the appropriate chart type to represent your data's story and applying that choice requires knowledge (sometimes experience) that many users don't have.

Recommended Charts takes a bit of the pain out of this process.

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But what I can promise is that you won't spend much time creating new charts once you're familiar with these new features.

You'll generate charts much quicker and spend less time regretting choices — it's just too easy to undo them and start over!

For instance, I'd like to amend this code so that it works on multiple charts.

Object Theme Color = mso Theme Color Background1 End With End If End With End If End Sub I can't say I fully understand Class Objects yet.

We'll step through 10 of Excel 2013's new charting features, updating a chart as we go.

In the end, there's no guarantee you'll like the results.

Excel 2013 charts can be completed in a few minutes.

Charts that used to require specialized knowledge and a lot of time and experimentation have been reduced to a few clicks.

Get Chart Element x, y, IDNum, a, b If IDNum = xl Data Label Then On Error Resume Next Active Chart. Delete On Error Go To 0 b Label = True Set pt = Active Chart.

I suspect it's because I'm still moving the mouse at the time that I release the click button, as this only seems to happen when I'm moving the data label from left to right.

There are a number of ways to apply custom data labels to your chart: The least sophisticated way to get your desired text into each label is to manually type it in.

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