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Senator Brian Birdwell (R) said the concern over law-abiding citizens possessing guns on campus is misdirected: "The Second Amendment is not about the gun, it's about the right to self-preservation." UCLA The Venus Stylin' beauty salon is one of the few businesses in this town where the heads of hunted animals don't stare glassy-eyed from the walls.But that doesn't mean that this is a zone free of the gun-rights fervor that grips Nucla.Guns have put Nucla in the national Second Amendment spotlight since the Nucla Town Board on May 8 passed the first and only municipal ordinance in Colorado requiring heads of households to have guns, and ammunition, "in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the town and its inhabitants." In truth, guns were ingrained in the culture of this out-of-the-way western Colorado town before the current gun-rights movement and before anyone had dreamed up what is being called the Family Protection Order.

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Title: Selena & Debby: Rape of the Starlets: Part 1 By: Vile8r Story Codes: M F; nc; rape; anal; drugs; oral; first; viol Celebs: Selena Gomez and Debby Ryan WARNING! And once again, please accept my apologies.” Meanwhile, Manny and Todd were sitting in Manny’s van out in the parking lot. His friend Luis was the only former member of the street gang who was still around. I’ll help you, but it could be tough.” “I know it ain’t gonna be easy,” Manny agreed. And remember, you’ll get a turn at them too for helping us pull this off.” Robbie had a grin from ear to ear. “Like I said, I’ll give you a call in about a week.” Manny and Todd were very pleased their brainstorming session with Robbie went so well. It was only a half hour drive to their destination, but Manny wasn’t taking any chances on being late. Some building supplies.” “Okay,” said the guard gruffly. It’s at the back.” She turned and waddled back to the security office. He slid open the small window between the driver’s cab and the cargo compartment.

You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex. “Just kinda freaked me out was all.” Selena’s publicist, a woman by the name of Suzanne, took Megan off to the side. Robbie had also spent time in prison, like Manny and Todd, although his crimes had involved drug-dealing and assault. They parked down the street and then pulled up to the security gate in front of the large soundstage right at ! “Yeah, you just go back there and finish your doughnut, you fat cow,” muttered Vicente as he put the van in gear and drove on through the gate. Several holiday trailers were parked there being used as dressing rooms for the cast of the movie being filmed inside the massive warehouse-like soundstage.

She recently dismissed claims that she was expecting.

But Halle Berry proved actions speak louder than words as she downed a glass of whiskey in a bid to entertain the crowds at the San Diego Comic Con event in San Diego on Thursday.

Kentucky Clerk Defies Supreme Court, Refuses to Issue Marriage Licenses UPDATE: Kim Davis has now been jailed for contempt of court.

A county clerk in Kentucky is being summoned to court this morning where a federal judge could hold her in contempt for refusing to issue a marriage licenses to gay couples.

According to the Associated Press, the bill enjoyed the strong support of Lt. David Dewhurst, who "pushed lawmakers to help school districts provide teachers or other employees with special weapons and tactical response training." Dewhurst's pleas were echoed by smaller school districts that could not afford to hire police and other security forces for their schools.

Under the bill, trained teachers would keep a firearm in a lockbox "within immediate reach." It allows one armed marshal per 400 students and contains provisions to hide the name of that marshal from public record, to keep him or her from being purposefully targeted in an attack.

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From Superdry to Chloe and beyond, we've lined up our favourite khaki playsuits to see you through SS17 and beyond. The Catwoman star was joined by a flurry of co-stars as she graced the panel, with Channing Tatum pouring her a very healthy glass of whiskey.

Claiming she is acting "under God's authority," Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis continues to defy a Federal District Court ruling and most recently, a Supreme Court order, ordering her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples....

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