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The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation.: Kim Possible: High school cheerleader by day, crime fighter by. His nonconformist "never be normal" philosophy is applied to all facets of his life, and he has taught Kim a thing or two about peer pressure.

When other characters can see someone's Imagine Spot, that's Imagine Spotting.

For other kinds of imagined sequences — i.e., if it's not just a brief, clearly marked cut — see Fantasy Sequence.

Kim is a Type A teen: a perfectionist who sets high standards for herself and is concerned about her image.

Ron is a Type B teen: he is laid-back, ambivalent and somewhat random.

And when it turns out not to be imagined, it's a Gilligan Cut.

Can be combined with Tranquil Fury if the daydreamer is having a revenge fantasy to sublimate their rage at another person that they can't express in reality.

Kim and Ron have been best friends since their first day of preschool, in fact, ever since right after nap time.

Kim and Ron have a very distinctive relationship of opposites that covers both their personalities and their natural aptitudes.

Both are smart, athletic, attractive, not to mention they both have green eyes.

The only difference is that Shego has raven black hair as opposed to Kim's auburn locks, and the fact that she chooses to use her powers for evil rather than good. Her fiery personality is illustrated perfectly in her ability to encapsulate her hands in green plasma, as well as shoot these bursts of plasma at whomever she chooses.

When he and Kim go to France to get more hair-gel, Ron unwittingly inspires a reclusive billionaire to take up a life of crime, and now Kim and the newly changed Ron must save France from a black-out.

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