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He barks at them and tries to go back inside the bar, but he seems interested, just drunk and undecided.

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When an old trick is repeated umpteenth time and still works, then you know it is not the trickster that’s stupid, but the one being tricked.

In the recent weeks I have seen a re-emergence of some old tricks that were used to con Kenyans back in the day, and it seems Kenyans are still as vulnerable today as they were back then.

In this article we highlight some of the most common tricks orchestrated by con men via online, mobile, print, and supermarket platforms. This is the part that should contain those nude photos I warned you against, but due to the nature and intent of this website, I have since changed my mind and I won’t include them.

Sorry for the disappointment but please read along – this article is highly informative nonetheless.

Blagus repetition in level of commercial opportunity for those willing.

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