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"We expect 2017 to be the biggest year for console-based VR revenue growth, as there are several units coming into the market which are not feeling the impact of price competition," Juniper said.

"This means we will see a rise in [average selling price] across both 20 as the newer models come into the market, and only adjust to each others' presence over the course of a year or two, insulated to a degree by ecosystem lock-in."Juniper also expressed some concern about price erosion in the PC VR market."In the several months since the launch of PC-based VR this year, consumer expectations are likely to have changed to expect shorter, cheaper games," research author Joe Crabtree said.

When asked about generating revenue, Dawoon Kang of Coffee Meets Bagel described a new feature that lets daters pay for an A/B test to figure out which photo they should use on their dating profiles.

Oculus Rift, Vive, and Play Station VR may not have set the world on fire just yet, but analysts are still big on virtual reality.

In a "Virtual Reality ~ Virtually Here" whitepaper released today, Juniper Research forecast that the VR hardware market--including VR headsets, peripherals, and 360-degree cameras--would grow to more than $50 billion by 2021.

Cowen & Co.'s Paul Silverstein and his team met with Juniper Networks (JNPR) management at last week's Mobile World Congress, and were encouraged by their upbeat tone--but are still wary of the stock.

Silverstein reiterated a Market Perform rating and $30 price target on the stock Friday, writing that Juniper remains committed to revenue growth between 3% and 6% this year.

From 2000 to 2003, a series of wildfires ripped through Mesa Verde National Park, burning about 24,000-acres – nearly half of the park’s old growth forest.

Now, almost two decades later, park managers and biologists are concerned that the piñon-juniper woodland is showing virtually no signs of growing back, posing the tough question: Will Mesa Verde’s iconic forests ever be the same?"When AAA publishers release to PC, they may have trouble selling with traditional AAA prices, while console users have no such habit to break." billion isn't the largest number being tossed around for the VR industry, but it is still quite bullish.In August, IDC projected worldwide VR/AR revenues of hardware and software to total 2 billion in 2020.BUSINESSWIRE - Aug 3 - Total Q2 revenue was .3M, up 91% YOY, mobile revenue was .3M, up 55% YOY.The company has increased daily video minutes by 80% to 7.2M, with ~20% of its users watching videos every day.Settlement of the Mesa Verde region, which spans parts of Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, dates back to 9,500 B. But the height of Mesa Verde’s civilization is considered to have occurred from about 900 to 1280 A.

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