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By 2005, he was collaborating with blues artists such as B. He also won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Waiting on the World to Change".That album was followed by Battle Studies in 2009, a return to pop, with a number-one grossing tour.Yes, we all have flaws, and there most certainly isn’t any ‘perfect’ person out there.

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He is a seven-time Grammy Award winner, who has been nominated total of 19 times.

He’s surely made his mark on the music world, but it might not compare to his impact on the tabloid world.

His CD, , came out my freshman year of high school, and that CD spoke to me. On this very long car ride, with all 15,000 of my MP3s, I found myself listening to John Mayer songs again and again, just as excitedly as I did the first time all those years ago. How many of us have ever dealt with a long-distance relationship, whether romantic or just a best friend, and found some comfort knowing that you’re both underneath the same sky? Don’t we all wish we were little and could pretend again?

Some people like a good beat for a song, others like a catchy tune, but I really love amazing lyrics. I know not everyone cares for his music, but either way, love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he is a darn good guitar player. You guys might be apart, but at least you have the stars. How weird is it to go home, and remember things as if they just happened yesterday, but still feels like a lifetime away? How is anyone supposed to know if they are living their life right? It’s impossible to hear this song and not see a montage of life flash before your eyes.

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They're damned if they do but damned if they don't, but better to do than not!

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Here are five of John Mayer’s most famous girlfriends.

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