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No kid in Salem seems to escape the wrath of Rapid Aging Syndrome – and in some cases, Regressive Aging Syndrome (though that one is rare). He was born in 1995, but he’s probably about 17 now.

"Class act" Natalia Livingston is out, and the show has re-hired Tamara Braun to take the character in a new direction. The actress has been cast as DAYS' new Taylor Walker, a role that the show wanted to take in a new direction.

Bren Foster makes his debut as Days of our Lives' mononymic Quinn during May Sweeps.

The most extreme cases of RAS are ones such as Philip Kiriakis.

The character himself was born in 1995, the same year as Will. So too have characters such as Belle Black, Brady Black, Nicholas Alamain, etc.

Kudos to Peggy Mc Cay on her hilarious reaction shot, though maybe she had actually broken character and just finds Hogestyn's new approach as hysterical as I do. Even if she has to fall into a relationship with Daniel (which she does NOT, writers! Though her inappropriate bitchiness/insensitivity does make her a decent match in at least one way with Daniel, who is just inappropriate all around. (Are we going to find out why Kate reacted the way she did to Daniel potentially doing surgery on her? Maybe it's because I'm amused by his futile attempts to be a badass criminal. Then he sports this amazing "disguise" in an attempt to evade the cops when he sneaked out, anklet-less once again. I mean look, it says right on the box, even, that it takes care of cramps, bloating, fatigue, and backache. I don't even know that the show cares that much about this story, because they had Abe and Lexie find out about the diagnosis off-screen.

I'm not sold on this relationship with Ava for several reasons, but when they kissed I didn't recoil in horror, so that's an improvement. With his "patient" Kate: I've never had a doctor comfort me like that. Because if it's something like she and Daniel had a fling, why didn't she wig out long ago? Making out with her in front of her dad and the rest of her extended family at the 4th of July party being just the latest example. The whole conversation was just squicktastic -- "we know what kind of favor she wanted" and "my last three girlfriends were in their early 20s" and ewewewewew. First he left his illegally-removed ankle monitor randomly in a paper bag on the floor of the living room. First of all, that is second-worst wearing of a baseball hat disguise in the history of Salem. I'm not going to pretend that I was dying to see their immediate reaction to the news, but this just seems like such an obvious attempt to shoehorn in a "meaningful" story without sufficient build-up that it annoys me tremendously.At the age of 17, she had won the Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2004 contest, which was her first participation.She then represented Louisiana in Miss Teen USA 2004 that was held in California, becoming the first girl from Louisiana to win a national title since 1996 Miss USA. As far as I can tell, the big points of focus right now are: Oh, sorry, that last one was only a focus of one episode. But really, has there been an episode in weeks that hasn't primarily revolved around one of the first three? Hope: There's nothing I care to remember about Stefano Di Mera. Which is kind of a nice thing about having amnesia, only along with all the bad stuff I've lost all the good stuff too. And I wasn't even watching when the submarine sex happened! (Though that whole strange-men-in-a-hotel-room thing was icky.). I mean, first of all, it's so obviously one of those Very Special Storylines, and I hate those if they're not done just right. There have been a few highlights, and the daily dialogue isn't bad, but I just don't understand where the show is going. Let alone when he says something truly funny and I lose all pretense of jaded soap fan/critic. Hope: To look at this you'd think the Di Meras were just your average happy family. John: Still, I'll bet it brings back some memories for you also. Wait, that's not true, it's worth transcribing, but I was still laughing from "spine-shattering sex on a submarine" so I couldn't focus. And just because I know some of you will think that I only like Nicole because she's in EJ's orbit and I have, you know, a little bit of an issue in that department, no, I like her relationship with Ava, too. I was also embarrassed for Midol, the advertising industry, the concept of marketing in general, over-the-counter medication, and menstruation.It strikes randomly, but I’ll be surprised if I ever see a child in Salem who isn’t aged.

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