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Em's sober now; his three daughters are old enough to listen to his music and understand the lyrics, and there are certain punchlines that would make it onto an album in 1999 that just don't fly in 2014.

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Six years after his father had left farming to become a dental technician, Dean and his family moved to Santa Monica, California.

He was enrolled at Brentwood Public School in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, but transferred soon afterward to the Mc Kinley Elementary School.

The weird part is, dude could be single-handedly responsible for getting us all nuked, and his answer to the "Who ya bangin'?

" question would still be the worst thing he's ever done.

The decision to close Gawker comes days after Univision successfully bid $135 million for Gawker Media’s six other websites, and three months after the Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel revealed his has published a long and excellent profile with lots of good dirt, all about who is this smiling fellow who through his narrow greed and ambition has sold out his faith for a suicide ride on the Trump train.

There is nothing wrong with planning for the future. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will visit the state on Thursday to review the federal government’s response to what Governor John Bel Edwards called “unprecedented” flooding.

Franco fanned the flames, posting photos of Lana all over his Instagram page, and at one point even "joking" about marrying her.

Eminem has made a career out of trash-talking celebs and courting controversy, but he's toned down his act considerably in recent years.

At this point, it's hard to be surprised by anything that Azealia Banks says, does, or tweets.

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