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I really like it.'Black Ivory Coffee, which donates eight per cent of its sales towards the care of street rescued elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, is currently only available at five-star hotels and resorts in Asia and the Middle East.The bird's natural selection process (it feeds on only the most ripe red mocha and yellow bourbon berries), vegetarian diet and quick digestion (where beans aren't contaminated by animal proteins and stomach acids), have a 'groundbreaking' effect on coffee flavor, according to founder Henrique Sloper.This obelisk was first erected in Egypt by Pharaoh Thotmes lll around 1500BC.

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Over the course of three days the coffee beans pass through the elephants' digestive system; they are then picked out of its dung before being washed, dried and roasted.

According to founder Blake Dinkin, a 44-year-old entrepreneur from Canada, 33lbs of coffee beans make just 1lbs of coffee.'A herbivore, to break that down, utilizes fermentation to break down that cellulose.

Later civilizations often built watchtowers as part of their fortifications to provide a high, safe place from which a guard could observe the surrounding area.

In the last two millenniums all sorts of towers have been built including bell towers, clock towers, minarets and communication towers.

Towers have been built by mankind since prehistoric times.

The walls of ancient Jericho, one of the first city walls ever built, was complemented by a stone tower.

The fascinating study was carried out by the University of Reading's Department of Archaeology, and senior lecturer Dr Hella Eckhardt said: 'Up until now we have had to rely on evidence of such foreigners in Roman Britain from inscriptions.'However, by analysing the facial features of the Ivory Bangle Lady and measuring her skull, analysing the chemical signature of the food and drink she consumed, and analysing evidence from the burial site we are now able to establish a clear profile of her ancestry and social status.'This skull is particularly interesting, because the stone sarcophagus she was buried in, and the richness of the grave goods, means she was a very wealthy woman, absolutely from the top end of York society.

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