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With the addition of a stepfather, two stepbrothers, a stepsister, new school, new house and overall a whole new life, Casey struggles to find her place within the new family.The series is also based on Casey and Derek's rivalry.

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For the far squickier inversion, see Incestuous Casting.

If you're still out there, just know you're my hero. I'm also sure that the first people had to interbreed, and if He was truly merciful, He would just want his children to love and be loved, not to be blamed for something they can't control. Anyways, I thought you did an amazing job with this fic.

So, when ultra-organized 15-year old Casey (Ashley Leggat) and her younger sister Lizzie (Jordan Todosey) move in with selfish and demanding Derek (Michael Seater), his younger brother Edwin (Daniel Magder), and their tantrum prone youngest sister Marti (Ariel Waller), space, privacy, and dealing with change quickly become serious challenges.

This modern-day finds the kids fighting over everything from a shelf in the bathroom medicine cabinet to the television remote, who gets the biggest bedroom, and dating rules.Some of the stats are different because time has passed but the arguments still stand. This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Her album cover art will even be featured on the trucks! Fans will also have “an improved opportunity” to buy her concert tickets if they snap a pic of one of the trucks, tag UPS, and post with the hashtag #Taylor Swift Delivery.The first trucks will hit the road tomorrow in Atlanta, Nashville, and New York City. Recently remembered how much i missed this show and the ships and fanfic. Sorry for ranting on you and stuff, but I dislike that stepsiblings liking each other would be considered wrong. I laughed many times.(I recieved strange looks from my sis) Great job!

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