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He contested her testimony that he paid her to help him kidnap a young girl, but said that one time when they were having sex they discussed incest and "how if she was to have a daughter we would all engage in sex together." Then, in 2013, Tomasik said he paid another Sudbury prostitute to pretend to be a teenager when they had sex and that they had discussions about incest, but he said it was always part of the role play. "Did you ever believe she was ever going to help you get a child? But while out on bail, in the fall of 2014, he went on an Internet chat room and discussed incest with a person he believed was a woman with two daughters.​ That person turned out to be an undercover police officer.

The following year, he moved on to another prostitute, who he met on Craig's List. "Doesn't matter to me, I guess," the prostitute responded. Berlinguette asked him why he would write those things. A member of Tomasik's family watching the proceedings told CBC that these were just idle fantasies and that "he wouldn't hurt a fly." The day began with Justice Hennessy ruling that the testimony of three witnesses not directly related to the charges should be considered by the court.

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A Sudbury man says he was role playing when he offered to pay prostitutes to help him abduct a child to have sex with.

Michael Tomasik testified in his own defence in court Thursday, where he is facing 10 charges related to child sexual crimes.

The first incident dates back to 2007, when Tomasik said he started an incest role play with a person on an Internet messenger service who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Some years after that, Tomasik testified that he started hiring a Sudbury prostitute and having sex in her home. They then negotiated what the price for abducting a child should be and what age of girl they should look for. "I knew from the role playing that it would never go further than the roleplaying." After that prostitute went to the police, Tomasik was arrested.

I would spend my nights on the computer surfing the web for any and all incest that I could find.

I stumbled upon literotica about three months ago, and I've probably read every mother/son story on there.Defence lawyer Darren Berlinguette read some of their text message exchanges for the court. "I wanted to establish just how open-minded she was," Tomasik told the court. One of them was an undercover police officer who discussed having sex with children with Tomasik in an online chat room in 2007."Trying to see if she was willing to meet someone who was more open-minded than she was." During their meetings, Tomasik said he and the woman would discuss incest while they were having sex and specifically about kidnapping a young girl they could pretend was their daughter. The other two are Sudbury prostitutes who testified that Tomasik made a plan with them to abduct a young girl off the streets and then have the prostitute coach her on how to have sex with Tomasik.Those who are victims of abuse, rape and incest may take years to heal.Some people heal quickly, both physically and emotionally, while others carry the emotional scars for life.· DVRC domestic violence information · Help Guide Abuse, signs and symptoms of abuse · Prevent Elder Abuse preventing physical abuse in elders · UTexas Institute of domestic Violence and sexual Assault Verbal abuse is an abusive behavior that occurs when someone calls their partner names, belittles them, humiliates them and otherwise puts them down.

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