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A study earlier this year found that the vast majority of those impacted — 80 percent — committed non-violent crimes.

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Once the universe had cooled sufficiently, half of the remaining half (one quarter of the original energy) of the intelligent beings' fuel reserves would once again be released, powering a brief period of thought once more.

This would continue, with smaller and smaller amounts of energy being released.

Two recent observations have presented problems for Dyson's scenario.

The first is that the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating rather than decelerating due to a positive cosmological constant, implying that any two regions of the universe will eventually become permanently separated from one another.

Dyson's eternal intelligence concept (the Dyson Scenario) states that intelligent beings would be able to think an infinite number of thoughts in an open universe.

The intelligent beings would begin by storing a finite amount of energy.

And make no mistake: this is not just another policy whim for President Trump.

This is the latest round in a carefully coordinated GOP campaign aimed at disenfranchising people they don’t want voting.

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Just a few days ago, President Trump announced a commission to investigate “voter fraud.” Here’s the problem with that: no matter how much it irks the President that he lost the popular vote, there is not one piece of data to back his claims of fraud at the ballot box. Instead, the data points to a very different kind of problem—voter suppression.

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