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But what she didn't know was how much it mattered in matters of the heart.

Roderique recently wrote about her experience Dating While Black and spoke to The 180 about why it left her wondering if online dating works for people of colour.

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Think about how much you enjoy talking about social, political, or academic issues. If you read books or magazines, are they light reads or do you prefer more in-depth fare?

Think also about how much you enjoy reading, and the kinds of things you read. How important is it to find someone who cares about the same intellectual issues you care about?

And my experience was different than the ones my friends and people I overheard at the coffee shops and bars were having. And I had a suspicion that my blackness was playing a role.

I had a fellow Ph D student who was nice enough to let me do a photo shoot with her.

You have to think a lot about how similar the two of you are in this department because it’s the conversations that the two of you have – and not your sexual attraction or any other factor – that will largely determine if the relationship will last or fizzle out over the course of months or even years. Think for a moment about where you would place yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in the intellectual department.

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